Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tai Chi for kids


Tai chi has been practiced in China for centuries and it has become well known for its health benefits it produces. It is a ‘soft’ martial art and the movements are designed to achieve harmony, flexibility and strength. It provides a unique and complete exercise system that works to integrate the mind, body and emotions while focusing on movement with good posture.

It is often a misconception that tai chi is only for the elderly. With basic movements and visual imagery, it can be fun for children with great benefits which include:

• Trains co-ordination and balance;

• Good postural awareness and stability;

• Engages creativity and visualisation;

• Cultivates self discipline and emotional balance;

• Develops concentration, internal and external focus;

• Teaches cooperation with classmates;

• Helps to calm the mind.

Today’s children feel the effects of adult stress and the pressures of childhood. The aim of these classes is to teach holistic stress management skills to children at an early age – to provide relaxation, self awareness and relief from stress. Relaxation and tai chi are non-competitive, non-intrusive exercises which promotes the development of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. So much of life is about competing with others, while tai chi is done without judgment of being first or last.

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